Welcome Pastor Gregory Waggoner

Sunday, July 2, Pastor Gregory Waggoner will deliver his first sermon at Scottsburg United Methodist Church, 615 S. Honeyrun Parkway.  The worship service will begin at 9:30, Sunday School to follow at 10:30.  All are invited to attend.  

Pastor Waggoner is from Anderson, Indiana, where he graduated from Madison Heights High School in 1980.   He has been a pastor in United Methodist churches since 1997, when he was called to supply the pulpit at Grace UMC in Elwood, Indiana.  He has also served at Christland UMC in Marion, Indiana, the Morocco First UMC, and the Atwood Otterbein UMC .

He will be leaving his appointment at Rising Sun/Quercus Grove to come to the Scottsburg UMC.

Married to his wife Terri, together they raised her daughter Adrian, and they have 3 grandchildren.

Pastor Waggoner has a history and passion for serving in small churches, small group ministry, mission work and enhancing relationships within a church and the community. He is easy-going, light-hearted and optimistic.

Please join us in welcoming the pastor and his wife to our community.

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