What is Mission u?


Learning Together for the Transformation of the World

Traditional Session: July 18-21  Sampler Day: July 22

DePauw University

Mission u (formerly known as the School of Christian Mission) is the primary mission education event for the Indiana Annual Conference and is planned and implemented by United Methodist Women of Indiana. In addition to the adult programming for ages 17 and up, there are two components:

  • ChiMiCa (Children’s Mission Camp) for ages 3 through 5th grade completed (childcare is provided)
  • YoPeMiCa (Young Peoples Mission Camp) for middle and high school aged youth

The youth and children’s studies parallel the adult studies to create an intergenerational program. Studies are always Biblically-grounded, promote spiritual growth, educate and challenge participants to become more actively engaged in mission.

2017 Hands-On Project

We will be assembling Christmas Shoeboxes for Red Bird Mission in southeastern Kentucky.  Click the logo above for more info.


2017 Studies

  • Spiritual Growth: “Living as a Covenant Community” This study examines major covenants throughout the Bible and what they reveal about God’s character and eternal love for us. It will enhance your understanding of how God works with us, in us, and through us.
  • Geographic: “Missionary Conferences of The United Methodist Church in the United States”The aim of the study is to give an overview of the three missionary conferences in The United Methodist Church, the contexts out of which they grew and their current engagements: The Alaska United Methodist Conference, Red Bird Missionary Conference, and the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference are a hybrid of home and international missionary work.
  • Social Issue: “Climate Justice : A Call to Hope and Action” This study will deepen our understanding and awareness of climate change and its impact on God’s creation. The study highlights justice, peace, and integrity of creation as important dimensions of partnering in God’s mission today. It offers participants, biblical, theological, and ethical insights as the basis of their advocacy on climate justice in churches and in the public sphere.

ChiMiCa:  This is an exciting opportunity for children ages 3 through 5th grade (completed) to go to camp with mom or grandma and learn about mission. Children enjoy crafts, games and indoor and outdoor learning activities, while adults are in their studies. The title of the 2016 children’s study is Joined and Held Together.

YoPeMiCa:  Middle school and senior high youth have the opportunity to participate in the In Mission Together mission study, share in meaningful worship, games, recreation and build friendships that will last forever.

During Mission u you will also have an opportunity to complete a commitment card or make a contribution to the Legacy Fund. [We are hopeful that every member of United Methodist Women make a gift to the Legacy Fund of at least $18.69 per year over and above her Pledge to Mission for five years (2015-2019).]


Sampler Day ~

A one day event with a “sample” of all three studies and some of the worship experiences.


Scholarships are available each year after January 1 and the deadline is May 1st.

Scholarship form for ChiMiCa and YoPeMiCa should be sent to the conference Mission Coordinator for Education and Interpretation. The address is on the form which can be found HERE.

Scholarship forms for women attending Mission u for the first time — Young Women ages 18-40 are especially invited to apply. The form should be sent to your district Mission Coordinator for Education and Interpretation. The form is HERE.

Many local churches and UMW organizations provide scholarships for camping and Christian education events. Be sure to check with your pastor or Christian education leader.

The Loren Maxwell Scholarship is available to clergy, deacons, and clergy students who wish to attend Mission u events for the first time. The brochure with application is HERE and when completed should be returned to Barb Bugher by May 1, 2016.  Some districts have access to scholarships for clergy to attend continuing education events.  Check with your district office.

Website and Social Media

Look for “Indiana Mission u” on Facebook for updates and information throughout the year.

The UMW, National Office website includes information on Mission u — http://www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/mission-u