Lend a Helping Hand! Nov. 11, 9:00 a.m.


 Work Day Tasks to Complete


  • Removing dead flowers/debris/leaves
  • Add dirt around the AC unit by bell tower and at the S. Porch
  • Check S. Porch guttering.


  • Plungers on Bell need lubricating- (powdered graphite in trustee mailbox)
  • Inspect shingles & remove leaves from guttering.


  • Replace floods on sanctuary stage with new LED lights.
  • Add NEW LED lights? 12 floods and 2 spots


  • Change furnace filters-


  • Move all Christmas décor from Attic to church
  • Set out luminaries along driveway—stored in parsonage attic
  • Move poinsettia table from Kathy’s to church

Electrical repairs:

  • Replace burned out lights in florescent lights & clean fixtures, basement only. Match light color using DX F-40
  •  Change batteries in smoke alarms (need 6-9V batteries)

Equipment needed:

2 trucks

Tall ladder for sanctuary (stored in parsonage garage)

Ladder for roof (in electrical room)

Paint ladder for electrical (in electrical room)

Rakes/pruners/ for landscaping

Furnace filters- (in furnace room)

6- 9 Volt batteries- (electrical room)

Powdered graphite (custodial closet)

30- F-40(34 watt) DX-  florescent bulbs (Burris Electric) Electrical room

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